ISCAS Governance Advisory Group Meeting

The ISCAS Governance Advisory Group held the last meeting for 2018/19 today. The meeting was well attended by an extensive range of providers including, representatives from the large corporate organisations, standalone hospitals, mental health providers, cosmetic surgery organisations and single specialty providers. The participants shared good practice and provided feedback on how they continue to apply the ISCAS Code and embed lessons learned from complaints handling into continuous quality improvement programmes. A representative from the Independent Adjudicators provided feedback on the common themes seen in the adjudications and it was disappointing that issues with practising privileges are still being seen despite ISCAS position paper. The attendees also provided feedback on the agenda for the annual ISCAS Training Event to be held on 11thJune 2019. It was agreed that the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) should be approached to update on how Sir Bruce Keogh is developing the Consultant Oversight Framework. The Patients Association was represented at the Governance Advisory Group and presented a complaint that was received through their helpline where the patient felt they had been given the ‘runaround’ until signposted to ISCAS. The nest Governance Advisory Group meeting will be held after the training event in June.