ISCAS welcomes new animation launched to help patients navigate private healthcare

ISCAS believes it is important patients and the public have access to information and everything they need to know about private healthcare and the options that are available to them. ISCAS welcomes the excellent new animation and feels that this will help support patients to make the best decisions around their treatment.

In response to the growing numbers of people looking to pay privately for healthcare, the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN), have launched a new animation to help patients navigate private healthcare and set out what options are available to them.

IHPN and the Patient’s Association worked together to develop a new a new animation and leaflet to help patients and the public better understand how private healthcare works. IHPN & the Patient’s Association have worked alongside patients and carers to develop these resources to help patients better navigate private healthcare and understand all the options available to them. The full animation can be found here and you can also view individual clips on:

The above resources and further information can also be found on IHPN and the Patient’s Association’s websites.

ISCAS also provides links to patient support organisations who can provide advice and support to patients making complaints and helpful links to other organisations.