ISCAS aligns with BAAPS on BBL

ISCAS has reminded subscribers that the latest professional guidance does not recommend the procedure called buttock fat grafting (also known and Brazilian Buttock Lift or BBL).

ISCAS requires subscribers to maintain compliance with the relevant regulator including, in England, the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In its inspection framework for cosmetic surgery CQC states:

“Does the service ensure that people considering or deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery are provided with the right information and considerations to take account of to help them make the best decision about their choice of procedure and surgeon? For example, the RCS information pages for patients about cosmetic surgery …”

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) information hub has guides for those considering cosmetic surgery, including information about procedures. The RCS also directs people to the professional associations to obtain more information on cosmetic procedures. Since October 2018 the professional associations for aesthetic plastic surgeons (BAAPS) and plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (BAPRAS) have recommended that their members do not perform fat grafting into the buttocks. In October 2019 BAAPS reiterated the advice to members not to undertake buttock fat grafting procedures until a formal review is completed and added:

“Anyone thinking of having a fat-graft buttock augmentation should await the emergence of further evidence”

Given buttock fat grafting is not recommended, ISCAS has advised subscribers that it will no longer facilitate independent adjudications from complainants that have undergone this procedure. CQC provides advice on choosing cosmetic surgery and says that for anyone with concerns or worries can share on the website, by calling 03000 616161 or by emailing