Subscribing to ISCAS

What are the benefits of ISCAS subscription?

  • ISCAS provides a complaints management framework for the independent healthcare sector incorporated in its Code of Practice.
  • The healthcare regulators recognise the ISCAS Code as the standard for the independent sector and, in the case of England, the CQC seeks assurance about provider subscription to ISCAS as part of the inspection process.
  • ISCAS gives providers cost-effective closure of the complaints process, which is signposted by the Patients Association, the Private Healthcare Information Network, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, and many others.
  • Compliance with the Code maximises healthcare providers’ ownership of complaints using local resolution procedures.
  • Orientation to the Code and on-line complaints handling training are provided free of charge to all subscribing organisations.
  • ISCAS incorporates learning from complaints handling into annual face-to-face training, which is discounted for subscribers.
  • The ISCAS Complaints Code’s Stage 3 adjudication affords dissatisfied complainants an independent review process with independent adjudication procedures.

What is the eligibility criteria for ISCAS subscription?

To be eligible for subscription to ISCAS an organisation must be:

  • An organisation based in the UK and treating private patients in the independent healthcare sector or in NHS Private Patient Units.
  • Registered with the relevant professional or system regulator (or, by agreement with ISCAS, holding a relevant quality accreditation).
  • Capable of complying with the ISCAS Code in terms of competence and capacity of relevant personnel, and demonstrating compliance as requested from time to time by ISCAS.
  • Able to pay the annual subscription fee and other fees that may be incurred through any stage 3 adjudication, including those of the independent adjudicator and, where relevant, any expert who may be engaged.
  • Focused on supporting patients to provide feedback, including by provision of patient facing materials to explain the three stages of the ISCAS Code.
  • Transparent with patients that those complaining to ISCAS at stage 3 are entitled to do so and that this is free of charge.

The decision on subscription eligibility rests with the ISCAS Directors.

What are the subscription fees?

ISCAS is a not-for-profit organisation that works to maintain subscription fees at a cost-effective level in order to maintain a high quality complaints system based on independent adjudication. Annual subscription fees are calculated on a banding model based on the organisation’s income and these are reviewed annually. Please contact us for more information on subscribing to ISCAS and the fee structure.