Complaints about ISCAS

How the process works

The wider ISCAS team works to treat people fairly, proportionately and according to the evidence to address concerns. We welcome feedback to support improvement through training and maintaining policies and procedures. There is no appeal of the decisions reached by the Independent Adjudicator at stage 3.

ISCAS is owned by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). To provide an independent view ISCAS has requested that CEDR manage any complaints about the way ISCAS has handled a complaint at Stage 3. Please note that this relates to the administration and customer service received, not the adjudicator’s decision or any of the approaches taken by the adjudicator. Please follow the links below on how to use the CEDR complaints procedure. Note: this approach replaces the information in the ISCAS 2017 Code, and the timelines in the CEDR process are now adopted by ISCAS.