How to subscribe [COPY]

Benefits of Subscription

  • ISCAS provides a complaints management framework for the independent healthcare sector incorporated in its Code of Practice.
  • Compliance with the Code maximises healthcare providers’ ownership of complaints using local resolution procedures.
  • The ISCAS Complaints Code’s Stage 3 adjudication affords dissatisfied complainants an independent review process with independent adjudication procedures.
  • ISCAS gives providers closure of the complaints process, and a learning opportunity, at low cost.
  • The healthcare regulators recognise the ISCAS Code as the standard for the independent sector and, in the case of England, the CQC seeks assurance about IHP subscription to ISCAS as part of the inspection process.

Join ISCAS – Subscriber Criteria

To be eligible for subscription to ISCAS an organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • The subscriber must be an organisation treating private patients in the independent healthcare sector.
  • The subscriber must be based in the UK.
  • The subscriber must adhere to the spirit of the Code, comply with it and promote the ISCAS Code of Practice.
  • The subscriber must accept that complainants should normally have direct access to ISCAS and that those complaining to ISCAS should be entitled to do so free of charge.
  • The subscriber is required to pay membership fees as set by the ISCAS Governance Board.
  • The subscriber will need to confirm to ISCAS at regular intervals that it continues to meet the ISCAS subscriber standards.

The ISCAS Governance Board reviews all subscription applications and makes the final decision regarding a successful subscription.

Subscription fees

All ISCAS subscribers pay an annual subscription fee, based on their annual income. Contact us at to get a list of subscriber fees.

Notes to the subscription scale

  1. Provider Annual Revenue and, where appropriate, the number of sites, shall be taken as the gross annual revenue for the previous year of trading as declared by a subscriber; and the number of sites taken as those in ownership on 1 April
  2. Subscription is payable within 14 days of presentation of the invoice. Subscriptions remaining unpaid for longer than 3 months from presentation may result in termination of the subscription
  3. If joining during the subscription year, subscription is calculated pro-rata.

To enquire about becoming an ISCAS subscriber, please email Sarah Kyei.